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Only when a company’s IT infrastructure is functioning optimally, your employees can also work efficiently. And achieving this is not so easy: After all, a company’s IT infrastructure is a complex web of individual components. All hardware and software must be coordinated with each other. But you hardly need to worry about that. You are lucky: You have us as an experienced partner at your side and we only want the best for your company.

We answer your questions:

Your challenges for your IT infrastructure.

The demands on the IT landscape of companies have been in a dynamic state of change for some time. One reason for this is that software today is increasingly short-lived and requires regular updates.


Faster processes

Our processes are too slow and we want to speed them up.


Own server structure

We would like to build our own server landscape.


A lot of data

We don’t know how to process our large amounts of data.


Our solution: IT infrastructure consulting.


Our IT infrastructure consulting is a holistic approach. In doing so, we look at the following areas:

  • server hardware or virtualization (possible consolidation potentials)
  • network or infrastructures
  • communication tools
  • IT security

In case we are not able to cover certain topics completely ourselves, we cooperate with competent partners.

The sustainable IT infrastructure consulting:

These are your advantages.


Status Quo analysis

We look at your status quo, uncover weak points and show you how you can get even more out of your infrastructure.


Objective experts

Our team has one advantage: We are not professionally blinkered. Moreover, hardware is our daily business. We’re always familiar with trends.


Work productively

Reduce your costs with us during our IT infrastructure consulting. A flawless infrastructure base lays the foundation for a successful business.


An excerpt of our references.

ERP and infrastructure

With connectiv! eSolutions GmbH, we have already carried out upgrades to Dynamics NAV 2009 and Dynamics NAV 2017. We also support them in the management of their IT infrastructure.


This is how we start with our IT infrastructure consulting.

Step 1: Request
You express your interest in IT infrastructure consulting by phone or by mail. Just as you like. Tell us about your project or the challenges you would like to tackle in your company.
Step 2: Qualify
Our team will take a close look at your request. If we are already sure that we can help you, someone from our pool of experts will get in touch. To ensure that we can provide you with the right contact person directly, we need some information about your specific project in advance.
If your request does not include all relevant information, we will contact you to fully qualify the request. If we are not the right contact for your project, we will tell you this honestly at this point.
Step 3: Initial consultation
In a non-binding, initial conversation, we get to know each other and both have the chance to check whether the chemistry between us is right.
We ask a few detailed questions about the project. We also talk about required resources such as budget and time frame. If you continue to signal your interest after this step, we will proceed with an analysis.
Step 4: Analysis of the current state
When you hire us for IT infrastructure consulting, we first prepare an analysis of the current status for you. This helps to uncover weaknesses and identify optimization potential.
Step 5: Concept incl. offer
Based on your company-specific requirements, we then start developing a concept for the IT infrastructure architecture. As a result, you receive documentation including concrete implementation proposals. This provides you with a well-founded decision-making basis for your IT infrastructure strategy and allows you to get started.
If you would like to tackle the implementation proposals with us, we will prepare an individual offer for you based on the concept.
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