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Double entries, manual processes, inefficient production planning and a lack of overview of your resources challenge you? We improve your production company by networking all company departments. Stock levels can be called up at any time in real time and reorders are automated. You can do the work from your desk or from a tablet or smartphone. You can also stay ahead of your competitors by using artificial intelligence, for example to predict anomalies.

Dynamics NAV in der Produktion

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The rapid technical development does not stop. Especially the production industry has great potential. With the help of the digitization in the manufacturing sector people, machines and processes are networked with each other through state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The whole thing is bundled under the broad term industry 4.0. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, this development offers a great opportunity to stay one step ahead of competitors. In the following, you will read in the success stories of our customers how they master the digital transformation through ERP software in production.


increases profitability.

The digitalization of the industry offers many possibilities to better control and plan production and to automate processes. Real-time data improves collaboration with your suppliers and customers. You can also monitor and predict anomalies through sensors, algorithms and AI machines. These are just a few examples of how digitization and the use of ERP software in production can optimize processes in midsize companies.

The link between the physical and digital levels is becoming increasingly important in everyday production. Choosing the right ERP software in production is an important decision. This lays the foundation for digitization, because it maps all processes.

The advantages at a glance:

  • possibility of electronic data exchange (e.g. with customers and suppliers)
  • integrated project management
  • simple configuration of variants
  • possibilities of artificial intelligence with anpatis AI

through Cloud ERP.

A first step to digitizing processes in the production industry is the use of Cloud ERP software. The time that is used for a production worker collecting and processing information can be significantly reduced by using cloud computing. Data can be accessed from any location, from any device and this can be fully automated.

Read how we help our customers digitize their production. Every company is individual and has its own processes. But with the right strategy and software, digitizing can bring big benefits to any business.

The advantages at a glance:

  • availability of financial accounting and merchandise management data in one system
  • offline-capable, mobile solutions
  • mobile data acquisition
ERP software for the production:

Your functions and extensions.

Capacity and resource planning

Control your capacities more realistically. Optimize your capacity utilization and visualize your capacity planning with the help of a graphical planning board using add-ons.


Configuration of variants

Easily build your own product variants with individual assembly parts lists with our Add-On anaptis Configuration – including conditions and detection of double variants.


Mobile app

The Anveo mobile and offline app makes it easy to work on the go. Whether you are a sales representative or a service technician – data can be viewed at any time.


Mobile data acquisition

With the help of our add-on anaptis Mobile Logistics you can map all standard warehouse processes in Dynamics NAV. Now you can capture data on mobile devices such as MDE scanners.


Payment transactions

With the Add-On OPplus you optimize your payment transactions (import and export). Automate your processes (clearing, pre-accounting, etc.) and get more transparency about your payments.


Production planning and control

Manage your production more easily with tools such as production bills of materials, production orders, procurement planning, sales and demand forecasting, and capacity planning.


Route planning

For optimal route planning, we program an interface to a third-party software (e.g. Wanko). This allows you to optimize your tours – even across different drivers of your company.


Shipment tracking

For optimum shipment tracking, we program an interface to third-party software (e. g. DPD). This enables you to optimally track your shipments.


Our production customers.

At a glance:

Egbert Thies

“We can always rely on anaptis, as a competent partner. We have definitely more than improved our it status.”

HIP Homann - Logo

Sven Reckmann

“With the implementation of the mobile solution of Anveo, we save valuable time and have more satisfied customers.”

Gustav Ehlert - Logo

Marcus Schmitz

“We now benefit from a transparent system that provides us with more precise values and allows us to manage our inventory optimally.”

Lunux GmbH

Lars Lindemann

“Without Dynamics NAV and anaptis we would not have been able to meet the increased demands of our customers and the market.”

Mönninghoff - Logo
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