The whole package:

Our improvements through ERP software and extensions.

  • Optimierung des Dokumentenmanagements

    Installation of a DMS interface

    „Anaptis offers us a connection to our document management system. Thanks to the interface, we no longer have to maintain documents twice. Now the document maintenance takes place in only one place“.

    DMS interface

    Installation of an EDI interface

    „Today, thanks to anaptis, we have an EDI interface for data exchange with our customers, suppliers and partners. Finally, we no longer have to exchange the many documents, such as invoices or delivery notes, manually.“

    EDI interface

  • Optimierung des Einkaufs

    Purchasing based on historical data

    „Anaptis has optimized our ordering behavior based on historical data. Now there are no more delivery bottlenecks or production outages.“

    Historical Data

    Forecast of manufacturing components

    „So far, we have not been able to forecast our manufacturing components. Thanks to anaptis, we now benefit from a production component forecast based on a sales forecast. This means that the sales department plans sales and a tool simulates production orders including the required components.“


  • Optimierung der Finanzen

    Carrying out the warehouse valuation

    „So far, our stock valuation has been laboriously carried out via Excel. Today we determine the stock value at the push of a button in Microsoft Dynamics.“

    warehouse valuation

  • Optimierung des Lagers

    Consistent warehouse management

    „Before working with anaptis, our warehouse was unstructured and not digitally mapped. Thanks to anaptis, our warehouse is now restructured and we benefit from consistent warehouse management.“

    Consistent warehouse management

    Extended warehouse analyses

    „In the past, we didn’t have the data to perform advanced stock analysis. Anaptis has programmed an adjustment that allows advanced inventory analysis with metrics such as inventory turnover.“

    Extended warehouse analyses

    Permanent inventory with scanner support

    „In the past, due to the great effort involved, we only carried out spot inventories. Thanks to anaptis, we now benefit from a permanent inventory using scanners. We save costs and personnel expenses.“

    Permanent Inventory

    Posting of goods returns

    „Until now, we had to manually book returns from the warehouse. Thanks to anaptis, irreparable returns are automatically scrapped in Microsoft Dynamics today.“

    goods returns

    Dispatch of safety data sheets

    „So far, we have manually packed the safety data sheets for the consignments to the customers. Our warehouse staff therefore had to know which safety data sheets had to be enclosed with which risk items. Thanks to anaptis, the safety data sheets are now created as a product in Microsoft Dynamics and can no longer be forgotten during picking. So we can guarantee the dispatch of these.“

    safety data sheets

  • Optimierung der Produktion

    Recognition of the order status

    „Before working with anaptis, it was difficult for us to determine which station an order was currently in. Today in Microsoft Dynamics, we see the order status at a glance.“

    Order status

    Implementation of a booking terminal

    „So far, we haven’t systematically tracked where each item was in production and when it was finished. Today we have a booking terminal. Employees scan the orders and type in the quantity.“

    booking terminal

  • Optimierung des Services

    Installation of a ticket management system

    „So far, support requests have not been tracked. Today, thanks to anaptis, we have a ticket management system with integrated workflows. The documentation is done all by itself.“

    Ticket management system

  • Optimierung des Vertriebs

    Automatic route planning

    „So far, we’ve done our tour planning by hand. Today we have the best route via the interface from Microsoft Dynamics to a route planning software – including compliance with all restrictions and specifications (e.g. fixed times).“

    Route planning

    Implementation of an offline capable app

    „Our field service never had the latest information when he was on the road. With the Anveo Mobile App, our field representatives now have access to debtors, orders and quotations even when they are on the road.“

    Offline App

    Range development for customer inventories

    „So far, we haven’t been able to estimate when our customer will need products from us again. Together with anaptis, we have carried out a range development for our customer inventories. Today, we can therefore recommend to the customer what he should order in order to remain ready for production and delivery.“

    range development

    Distribution of seasonal goods

    „So far, we haven’t thought about how to split seasonal merchandise among customers. Thanks to anaptis, we now divide seasonal goods smarter: Articles that are too scarce are automatically distributed to important customers. This is done on the basis of the ABC analysis.“

    Saisonal goods

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We have the right solution for every industry.

One system for everything:

The ERP solution from Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) is the perfect ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to optimally manage their business resources. Network all departments, such as finance, merchandise management, projects, production and service in one solution and say goodbye to isolated solutions.

Thanks to Dynamics 365 Business Central, users finally have the opportunity to view all relevant data – with just one click.

The ERP solution is convincing:

  • 360-degree view of the entire company
  • flexible, scalable and growing with you
  • Workflows and automation for more efficiency
  • intuitive operability (similar to Office programs)
  • mobile access to all data – no matter where you are

Your statement: Why anaptis?


Egbert Thies

“We can always rely on anaptis, as a competent partner. We have definitely more than improved our it status.”


Lars Lindemann

“Without Dynamics NAV and anaptis we would not have been able to meet the increased demands of our customers.”


Josef Brüninghoff

“Our warehouse logistics are now much more efficient. We retrieve real-time-data at any time in the warehouse.”

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