the graphical planning board for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.

At a glance:
The lack of an overview of your service assignments is

your challenge.

Lack of overview of orders, resources and capacities

In order to remain competitive, it is particularly important that planning – especially production planning – runs optimally. At best, you have an overview of all orders, resources and capacities at all times.

Is this the case in your company? Can you quickly answer the following questions by taking a look into your system?

  • When is which employee scheduled where?
  • When is which machine scheduled with which process?
  • Where do I have free capacities?
  • Can I meet the promised deadline?
  • How does a short-term change affect the entire planning?
Make the most of your resources with

our solution.

Simplified planning of orders and resources

Netronic’s graphic planning boards offer you the possibility of visualizing a wide variety of planning areas using Gantt charts, thus ensuring that you always have an overview of all resources, capacities and orders. You can carry out planning simply by dragging and dropping and thus react faster to changes in planning. This reduces errors and ultimately saves time and money.

Netronic has developed various modules for this purpose:

  • Visual Service Scheduler
  • visual production scheduler
  • Visual Jobs Scheduler

The Visual Service Scheduler is specially designed for service scheduling. With the Visual Production Scheduler you can carry out production planning and with the Visual Jobs Scheduler you can plan your projects.

If none of these modules is suitable for you, but you still have an application for a graphical planning board, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution for you based on the Netronic modules.

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the details at a glance.


  • visualization of service orders, production planning, project planning or your individual process
  • simple planning via Drag & Drop
  • capture and optimize resource utilization
  • visual decision support in real time
  • seamless collaboration


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • can be installed in just a few steps
  • can be used without training
Graphical planning board for Microsoft Dynamics:

What advantages does Netronic Visual Scheduler offer?

Error reduction

With the planning board, your planning is based on reliable information and is less prone to errors.

Customer satisfaction

You better meet deadlines, because you always have an overview of capacities and workloads.


Better overview

The visualization of your planning ensures you have an overview of orders, resources and capacities at all times.

Our Partner:

This is NETRONIC Software GmbH.


NETRONIC has been the specialist for software for graphical planning since 1975. The solutions are always based on individual Gantt charts and are offered by more than 200 partners worldwide.

A Gantt chart is a proven tool for gaining operational agility through the visual management of time and resource-centric planning data. NETRONIC has been operating this ‘craft’ for more than 30 years – industry-proven, focused and with a high level of commitment  for the success of the customers.

Thanks to their comprehensive competence in the area of Gantt applications, the experts at NETRONIC also quickly develop customized solutions for individual visualization needs.


graphical planning board for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.


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