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The next logical step:

The older your system is, the more benefits are derived from the technology alone of a new software solution. And thus from the functionality and ease of use. In addition, outdated versions lead to security gaps and at some point also to the fact that your version is no longer updateable.

It does not have to come to that. Contact us. Upgrades are our daily bread. Questions and concerns that you have, have also had quite a few other companies.


Why is an Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrade worthwhile?

Sure, you can introduce small desired features without a major project. However, this will only improve you selectively. Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central will revolutionize the way you work. Finally, you can concentrate on the essentials and lean back instead of having to deal with annoying problems. We’ll give you three reasons why an upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision to Dynamics 365 Business Central is worthwhile:


New functions

With a Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrade, you get a host of new and practical productivity and AI features.


Support availability

The older your version is, the more likely it is that Microsoft will discontinue support. Then upgrading is more of a duty than an option.


Modern Workplace

The world of work is changing. Flexible working hours and locations are the order of the day. The latest version makes it child’s play.


Which upgrade route do you find yourself on?


Only the technical basis

No dealing with data/processes

You get the latest version of the system. Your existing data and business processes will be migrated into the system as you do not currently have the resources to deal with the processes.


Restart with the system

On the greenfield

You take the opportunity of the upgrade to review your processes and realize efficiency gains. You receive a new system that realistically reflects your business and does not contain any legacy systems.


Department by department

Step-by-step upgrade

You want to get the latest technology and features, but you are not ready to upgrade the whole system directly. In this case, we can transfer the departments to the new system one by one.

Better anaptis:

That's why you will love us.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why should you choose us as a partner company out of the large Microsoft network? We give you an overview of what makes us unique.

1 Code ownership

2 Close to standard, experienced and flexible

3 Personalized support

4 Honesty and fairness

5 Consistency and innovation


Your statement: Why anaptis?

„Our IT partner company anaptis has been successfully supporting us for years in the further development of our homologation software.“

Thorsten Söth

DAF Trucks - Logo

„The new ERP software now offers us a suitable basis for precise planning, control as well as optimization of our production.“

Hans Christoph Schröder

Cool it - Logo

„I can get a superior software anywhere. The decisive factor is tailored consulting and support from a reliable partner.“

Manfred Weid

„Our warehouse logistics are now much more efficient. We use mobile devices in the warehouse and call up stock levels in real time at any time.“

Josef Brüninghoff

„We can always rely on anaptis as a competent IT partner. We have certainly more than improved our IT status.“

Egbert Thies

Without Dynamics NAV and anaptis, we would not have been able to meet the needs of our clientele and the market.

Lars Lindemann

“We are very satisfied with our new cloud solution. Overall, we have seen a time saving of 80%.”

Uli Pollmann

Finance ERP software:

ERP financing options.

Fixed price offer with anaptis

Fact is: No one likes hidden costs. If you wish, we will prepare a final fixed-price offer after a thorough analysis by us. How does that sound to you? This is the point that most interested companies particularly appreciate about us.

Funding program "Digital Jetzt"

The funding program “Digital Jetzt” is an offer from the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi). Within the program, projects in the field of business intelligence are funded with up to € 50,000.

ERP leasing with the MMV Leasing GmbH

If desired, you have the option of leasing your ERP project with us. For example, you can work with our leasing partner MMV and pay off your investment with an attractive monthly installment.

How we proceed:

This is how your Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade with us starts.

Below, we outline the typical path to your personal upgrade quote. It’s important to note: Not every project runs the same way. This depends, among other things, on the expertise on your side and the size of the company. Accordingly, we adapt the process individually.

Step 1: Non-binding inquiry
You express your interest in an upgrade project with us by phone or by mail. Just as you like.
Step 2: Qualification of the request
Our team takes a close look at your request. If we are already sure that we can help you, someone from our pool of experts will get in touch. Who comes forward depends on the area of your inquiry. So that we can put you directly in touch with the right person, we first need some information about your specific project and about your company (e.g. size, number of users).

If your request does not include all relevant information, we will contact you to fully qualify the request. If we are not the right contact for your project, we will tell you this honestly at this point.
Step 3: Initial consultation
In a non-binding, first conversation we get to know each other and both have the chance to check if the chemistry between us is right.

We ask some detailed questions about the project. We also talk about required resources such as budget and time frame. Personnel capacities on your side are also an important topic. Why? In addition to their regular day-to-day business, employees in all relevant areas must work with the solution provider, test functions, learn how to use the application, and provide feedback. The attitude needs to be right at this point and employees need to be able to engage with the project.
Step 4: Workshop
The workshop (gladly personally) takes place with us regularly from both sides in larger round. From our side
involved and decision-making persons take part and from your side management and your future project management should take part.

In order to be able to make a detailed offer, we need your detailed requirements. For this purpose we use user stories, which follow the scheme: "In order to have this benefit, I would like to be able to do this as a user". We define these together.

The result of the workshop is a list of individual tasks, which are put into an evaluation system by calculation. At the end, a budget framework to be commissioned is created.
Step 5: Concept incl. offer
After the workshop, we write the concept incl. offer (monetary and time expenditure). Depending on your wishes, we create a fixed price offer.

Thereby we distance ourselves from 1) tempting cheap offers with expensive connection costs and 2) fast and general 08/15 offers. Openness and transparency are important values for us. We want to communicate honestly and at eye level with you and not earn our money through "hidden" costs. It is also important to us that you receive a solution that fits your company exactly and that you know exactly what you will be facing in the course of the project. So, in order for us to achieve a realistic quote for your ERP upgrade project, some time and effort is required from both sides.

After that, it's up to you to decide whether you want to tackle the ERP upgrade project with us. If you accept, we will start the project together according to our anaptis project methodology.

Your questions about the ERP upgrade.

  • What does an ERP upgrade cost?

    The cost of an ERP upgrade is highly individual and varies from company to company because it depends on many factors (e.g. deployment method, requirements, number of users, current data quality, internal effort). For a cloud ERP solution, the key factor is the subscription that you pay monthly or annually per user. For a local installation/on-premises variant, there are one-time license costs (per user), an annual maintenance contract, and internal infrastructure and possibly personnel costs.

  • What is the process of an ERP upgrade?

    There are different methods of ERP upgrade. Generally, the waterfall model or an agile approach is distinguished. We have developed our own agile methodology: First, we do the rough planning (all required functionalities, project start, framework) within 3-4 days.

    After that we get down to the implementation in 4-week iterative phases or sprints. For each phase we plan the sprint, conceptualize the tasks and the budget and implement them. At the end, the customer must test the implementations of a phase and assess the quality. After that, the next implementation phase will start. Tasks that have not been completed are transferred to the next implementation phase. This procedure is repeated in each of the implementation phases.

    At the end, the implementations are compiled. We then train your team and have them test the system extensively before we go live with it.

    Further information: Site on project methodology

  • Do I get a permanent contact person?

    Yes, as a new customer you will have a permanent contact person who will support you in the installation of our products and will also be available afterwards to answer all your questions. This is exactly what our customers benefit from, in contrast to larger providers. After all, our project managers usually know their customers for many years and are often able to support or look ahead with an objective point of view.

  • Do you provide guidance on change management?

    Yes. For us, digital transformation involves technology, processes and above all people. So you should definitely not leave your employees out in the cold.

    We bring our own expertise and work together with the Münster Startup Echometer. The company has set itself the goal of making software implementations smoother through regular employee feedback. If you are interested, you can simply add this to your booking.

  • Do you also advise on process optimization?

    Of course. We do this automatically in every project, as we strive to transfer the optimal current status of business processes into the software.

    It has also happened that we have only analyzed the processes of a company or a department and have highlighted suggestions for improvement – i.e. without the software reference. Of course, it is possible or advisable to do the realization together afterwards.

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