ERP standard solution for many industries.

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We do not offer a Dynamics 365 Business Central industry solution. What do we do instead? We combine the standard ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) with industry-specific add-ons and customizations. Companies get a solution that fits them 100% and remain flexible and independent with regard to the provider, have lower overall costs and remain updateable.

This distinguishes us and makes us unique! Is your industry not included in the examples? Don’t worry. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a universal solution for mid-sized companies. Talk to us – you are absolutely right with us!

ERP-Software für Baustoffe

Construction materials

Our customers in the building materials industry are particularly concerned with capacity and resource planning.

What we do?  We dovetail core resources such as material, personnel, logistics as well as deadlines so that data from warehouse, logistics and sales converge. Graphical planning boards round off the design. We often integrate add-ons such as route planning or a document management system.

Werkstudent/Praktikant IT/Process Consultant


Our customers from the consulting sector are primarily concerned with being able to work reasonably while on the move. Poor network coverage in particular means that this is only possible to a limited extent, if at all.

What we do?  We dovetail all data from purchasing, sales and customer data so that you can make reliable statements. We also make use of add-ons (e.g. for mobile and offline working, travel expense recording).


Our experience shows: The nature of goods in the biotech sector poses special challenges for inventory management, batch tracking, and process controls.

What we do? By combining the standard ERP solution with prefabricated add-ons and, if necessary, individual adaptations, our customers receive the right tools they need for their day-to-day business. No more and no less.

ERP-Software im Handel


The dealers in our customer base are keen to counter increasing competitive pressure with an efficient software solution.

What we do? We provide practical, real-time insights into data that allow purchasing behavior to be analyzed and customers to be addressed individually (real-time responses). We also enable supply chain networking so that delivery bottlenecks are finally history.

ERP-Software in der Landwirtschaft


Our customers from the agricultural industry struggle with duplicate data maintenance, missing interfaces and poor data overviews. In addition, the possibility for location-independent work is often missing.

What we do? Today, many of our customers benefit from interlinked processes, portals for electronic data interchange (EDI), mobile apps for location-independent work, and significant improvements in route planning and shipment tracking.

ERP-Software Logistik


Our logistics customers have previously complained about poorly organized supply chains, high costs and a lack of transparency.

What we do? We dovetail the processes of our logisticians along the supply chain and provide them with additional practical logistics features. Examples would be functions in the area of homologation, truck scale connection, route planning, over-delivery and shipment tracking.

ERP-Software in der Produktion


Our producers previously complained about manual manual invoices, software island solutions, lack of overviews (e.g. orders, routings) and high costs.

What we do? First, we network all departments in the ERP solution. We also provide our customers with additional functions such as mobile data capture or variant configurators.

Bessere Unternehmen - Vermietung


In the field of rental, our clients are primarily interested in the overview of the rental objects.

What we do? We interlock your processes and map your rental objects as interactively as possible (e.g. 3D location plan for advertising objects at the airport). We also create possibilities for integrated availability calculations as well as rental forecasts.


Dynamics 365 Business Central industry solution vs. standard solution.

  • What is a Dynamics 365 Business Central industry solution?

    An industry solution is a complete solution or a pre-built software package for a specific niche. The scope of services is clearly defined. However, in terms of the detailed scope of functions, industry solutions differ greatly, as they have mostly evolved from individual solutions. There is a high chance that this exceeds the needs of a company or does not fit exactly.

  • Which industries use Microsoft Dynamics?

    Microsoft Dynamics is a universal standard ERP solution and is used by different industries such as (wholesale) traders, service providers and manufacturers. Of course, each industry and each company are unique. Nonetheless, many companies overlap in some areas (e.g. financial accounting). For this reason, and based on our experience, many projects can be implemented to a large extent using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system standard. We solve the individual areas via prefabricated apps and individual adaptations.

  • What are the differences between ERP standard solutions and industry solutions?

    An ERP solution should be tailored as optimally as possible to your industry or company. There are always two ways to do this: Either you opt for a highly specialized industry solution or you choose a standard ERP solution that is extended with the help of ready-made add-ons and individual customizations.

  • Why does anaptis not offer industry solutions?

    With an industry solution, there is a high chance that the range of functions exceeds the needs of a company or does not fit exactly. It is also problematic that with an ERP industry solution, companies make themselves extremely dependent on the provider and invest in a very rigid and inflexible software. Upgrades can only be carried out with difficulty and in the event of problems or even insolvency of the provider, they face real difficulties. For this reason, at the time of our founding, we made a conscious decision not to develop ERP industry solutions.

    We combine the standard ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision) with industry-specific add-ons and individual customizations. This way you get a solution that suits you 100% and remain flexible and independent of the provider, have lower overall costs and remain updateable. This is what distinguishes us and makes us unique! Your industry is not included in the above examples? No problem! Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a universal solution for mid-sized companies. Talk to us – you’ve come to the right place!


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