experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in different industries.


Over the past few years we have been able to carry out successful projects in a wide variety of industries. These include projects in agriculture, construction materials, production, rental and trade. In doing so, we were able to gain experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) in very different specialist fields and to develop and integrate industry-specific modules with which we have made the most of the respective companies.

For example, retailers need tools such as tour planning and mobile data acquisition, agricultural customers connect to a webshop and tracking, producers a mobile app, and rental customers a 3D site plan, availability calculation, and rental forecast. Be inspired by our customers.

Experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

in various industries and areas.

ERP-Software in der Landwirtschaft


Our customers from the agricultural industry have many special features. Extras that we have integrated are, for example, temperature measurement or moisture identification to determine the need for irrigation. An improvement in animal welfare through smart climate control systems can also be implemented. Digitalisation measures save our customers valuable time, which they can use elsewhere.

ERP-Software für Baustoffe

Construction materials

For our customers in the construction materials industry, improved capacity and resource planning, which is also improved by graphic planning boards, is certainly a priority. Finally, core resources such as materials, personnel, logistics and deadlines are dovetailed so that data from warehousing, logistics and sales can converge. We frequently integrate add-ons such as route planning or a document management system.

ERP-Software in der Produktion


Digitalization does not stop at production either. People, machines and processes are networked by modern information and communication technology. This enables our customers to work more efficiently and productively. In addition, the use of real-time data improves cooperation between suppliers and customers. Finally, predictive maintenance can be used to monitor machines and predict anomalies.

Bessere Unternehmen - Vermietung


In the area of rental, the main focus is on an overview of the properties. We map your rental objects as interactively as possible and create possibilities for integrated availability calculations and rental forecasts. Other exciting tools in this area are contribution margin accounting, individual reports and various forecasts.

ERP-Software im Handel


The dealers of our customer base strive for counteracting the increasing competitive pressure with an efficient software solution. At the core are real-time insights into data that allow an analysis of purchasing behavior and an individual customer approach (real-time reactions). In addition, the overview of product stocks is an advantage, so that production bottlenecks are a thing of the past.

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