Acting instead of reacting. Think tank anaptis.


AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT – We are currently dealing with numerous megatrends, often summarized under the keyword “fourth industrial revolution”. The subject is the networking and automation of systems and processes as well as the use of data. The terms mentioned above change our professional life and even penetrate our everyday life.

We already want to know and influence the technologies of tomorrow today, act instead of react and thus be drivers of innovation. That’s why we recently founded the ABCTeam (anaptis Business Central Team). From now on, they will focus exclusively on new technologies, developing Business Central Apps, and building a valuable knowledge base. The focus of the work is the latest ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Always one step ahead:

The three elements of the think tank.

Knowledge base

The ABCTeam is our knowledge center when it comes to megatrends and new technologies. It supports the teams of the project business, who are still busy with the ongoing customer support, in questions about the new software product Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Innovation center

The team enjoys the freedom to creatively brainstorm and solve current problems – keyword Design Thinking. It creates time for inspiration, prototyping and test runs, which is missing in the everyday project business.

App development

The development of Dynamics 365 Business Central Apps is a focus of the work of the ABCTeam. You as a customer benefit greatly from tailor-made innovative apps that will make your work even better. Do you already know our app anaptis Mobile Logistics?

Markus Rautenberg



We constantly develop new innovations. This gives us a considerable advantage over the competition.

Markus Rautenberg | Managing Director | anaptis GmbH

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The overview:

the innovative apps by anaptis.

anaptis Configuration

Our variant configurator anaptis Configuration enables you to implement assembly orders faster and easier and thus improve processes. This enables you to respond to the megatrend of „individualisation“ and to offer your customers a large number of variants.

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The anaptis Dropzone file upload extension enables file upload in more places than in the Dynamics 365 Business Central system standard, as well as intuitive handling via drag-and-drop operation. Files can be uploaded, downloaded and deleted.

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anaptis Mobile Logistics

With the help of our add-on anaptis Mobile Logistics, i.e. mobile data acquisition in the warehouse, you can follow the trend of digitization and save both time and money. You use modern devices such as MDE scanners or tablets in the warehouse and conveniently record data in the warehouse.

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anaptis MailPlus

The smart mail extension anaptis MailPlus enables you to make one-time settings for recurring mails. For example, you can specify the addresses of a customer such as Bcc and Cc, the subject or content of the mail and other attachments.

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With the help of anaptis Status Lights which is a traffic light for documents , you can recognize the status of a document even faster. As with a real traffic light, we distinguish between three status options: red (document is open), yellow (approval is off) or green (approved).

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Artificial intelligence:

Get to know our label anaptis AI.

anaptis AI

We do not build robots or machines.

We take existing data from your ERP solution as our guide and pull in other external elements such as tools, databases and algorithms (Business AI). Tell us your problem or requirement and we will find a solution. For the best possible solution, we work with a team of Data Scientists and Analysts.

Then you can better

  • automate,
  • predict and
  • personalize.