From a self-developed system to professional ERP.

Success story:

Pfeuffer GmbH, based in Marktsteft, produces cold storage and deep-freeze rooms as well as cold room doors. The company also trades in fire doors. The company’s customers are in the industrial, commercial and catering sectors. Pfeuffer currently employs around 90 people.

Pfeuffer has been one of our customers since 2006. Since then, we have upgraded from the existing, in-house developed ERP system to Navision 3.7 (2005), to Dynamics NAV 2009 (2010) and most recently to Dynamics 365 Business Central (2019). Since the beginning, we have worked hand in hand in a spirit of trust and support Pfeuffer in its day-to-day business via IT support.

Talking is silver, references are gold:

Future security in the industrial sector.

Initial situation

„We originally had an ERP system that we developed ourselves, which we managed independently. We also used a system for variant configuration and a solution for connecting punching machines, presses and production lines. At some point, we felt the need for a professional ERP system and expert support. As a result of the various challenges we were facing, we decided to introduce Navision in 2005.“

Challenges at a glance:

  1. Growing requirements for the existing solution
  2. Optimization of working methods (e.g. fitters should be provided with the required information when setting up a new coldroom or door)
  3. Accelerating our response time to inquiries and changes in a highly competitive market
  4. Networking of processes (e.g. simply recording used installation material and invoicing the customer or recording services on purchased items and automatically issuing a 100% warranty discount during the warranty period)
  5. Faster handling of our complex and long production process (drawing, planning, programming machines)
  6. Virtually paperless office and environmentally friendly work


Agile ERP-Einführung


„Our goal was to optimize our processes and speed up production with the help of a modern and legally compliant ERP system. So that we are optimally positioned for the challenges of the digital world now and in the future.”

Rainer Pfeuffer, Management, Pfeuffer GmbH

„We have been working with anaptis for many years on a basis of trust. We have always found the staff to be friendly, respectful and extremely professional. Our suggestions and wishes are always taken into account.“

Partner search

„We came to anaptis (at that time still exclusively Infosim GmbH & Co. KG) through a personal contact. We immediately liked the employees and the communication took place at eye level. The agile methodology also appealed to us straight away.“



Initial ERP implementation, upgrades and ongoing support

„We introduced Navision with anaptis in 2005. At our request, add-ons and individual adaptations for variant configuration and machine connection were adopted and interfaces to the necessary systems were created.

After both four and nine years, the technical need arose to upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2009 (in 2010) and most recently to the latest version Dynamics 365 Business Central (in 2019). After all, Microsoft stops maintenance for its software solutions at certain times. It was also interesting and relevant for us to benefit from the innovations of the new software solutions (e.g. web client, EU GDPR). We were very satisfied with the collaboration during the implementation and upgrade projects.

We have already been able to solve many of our requirements (e.g. processing assembly and warranty cases) with the standard ERP solution. During the years of support, anaptis has also implemented several smaller and larger individual adaptations for us. To pick out one, we can mention the packaging calculation and pallet management for the cell and door department (sliding and revolving doors):


  • Excursus: Pallet management for the cell and door department (individual customization)

    We do not ship cold rooms and cold room doors on standardized Euro pallets, but on pallets specially manufactured by us for the items to be transported. We were looking for a way to be able to plan the occupancy of the pallets better in advance and then provide the shipping company with the required information about size and weight.

    The standard system did not offer any options here, so anaptis developed a customized pallet management system for us. There are now two specialized pallet management modules for doors and cell elements that can be used to generate a pallet proposal. To do this, the size of the wall elements is read from the machine table. A virtual suggestion is then made as to how the pallets should be stacked on top of each other.

    This proposal can be reworked manually by adding or removing further pallets and virtually rearranging cell elements or doors onto other pallets. The operator can always keep an eye on the dimensions and weight of the individual pallets live with every change. At the end, all relevant documents can be printed, from detailed timber lists for the construction of the pallets to transport requests to the shipping companies and the finished shipping documents.

Improvements at a glance:

  1. Competent contact persons who provide support in day-to-day business and implement new requirements
  2. Optimization of our working methods
  3. Networking of processes
  4. Faster handling of our complex and long production process
  5. Accelerating our response time to inquiries and changes in a highly competitive market
  6. Virtually paperless office and environmentally friendly work


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