Rental on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Success story:

Media Frankfurt GmbH has been the market leader in Germany for over 45 years, when it comes to transforming airports into fascinating and innovative brand worlds. The company combines the thinking of the advertising and airport worlds and leases analogue and digital advertising space at Frankfurt Airport. In order to make the rental business more efficient, Media Frankfurt GmbH opted for an integrated solution with us as a partner at their side.

The advertiser uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP system and uses it to manage the rental of all advertising space. In order to be able to select individual advertising spaces more easily and to offer the customer a clear demonstration of the advertising spaces, the company needed an individual 3D visualization of the airport, which can be called up in the browser, offers the user convenient navigation and is linked to Dynamics NAV.

Talking is silver, testimonials are gold:

Work efficiently with Dynamics NAV and the 3D site plan of Frankfurt Airport.

Initial situation

“We were using an old version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that didn’t meet the current technical requirements. It couldn’t map all business processes and was only used in isolated departments. Accordingly, we didn’t use the ERP solution across departments, but rather in the form of isolated solutions (many versions of the truth).

As a result, data was partially recorded twice and processed multiple times. The integration of individual add-on modules, which would make our core business considerably more efficient, was out of the question. An interactive map of the airport, for example, would greatly facilitate our work. On the one hand, when it comes to customer advice, but also internally for having an overview and as a forecasting tool. Instead we just used a PDF version.”

Challenges at a glance:

  1. old software insufficiently covers business processes
  2. double data entry, because isolated applications are in use
  3. connection of additional modules problematic
Agile ERP-Einführung


„We wanted to move away from multiple versions of the truth to one version of the truth. We also needed additional modules such as an interactive site plan in which we can make bookings and forecasts.“


Standardized database and initiation of digitization

“With anaptis as a partner and Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the basis, we can now map and network all departments in a single system (single version of the truth). In addition, we achieve process reliability through integrated release regulations and have taken an important step towards the paperless office.

3D visualization of the airport

A very important part of which we benefit greatly is the interactive 3D map of Frankfurt Airport. Thus, we are able to make bookings in the site plan (availability calculation within the rental module for several thousand advertising spaces). The selection and booking process of suitable advertising objects has been given an appealing and convenient form for the customer by the visualization option. In addition, the barrier-free connection to the ERP system has simplified and accelerated the entire booking process.

Media Frankfurt - 3D Lageplan

New functions: Contribution margin calculation, rent forecast, evaluation options

Another important feature we are now benefiting from is the breakeven analysis. Added to this is the rental forecast and many evaluation and analysis options for individual advertising media and locations. This gives us an overview of important operating figures.

Reliable service provider anaptis

A reorganization of IT is always associated with challenges, in particular Go Live. Anaptis supported us during the project as well as during the ongoing operation after the introduction. The project manager works very solution-oriented, is always reachable, deals with concerns very quickly and advises very holistically. The implementation went smoothly: The product was introduced as part of an agile way of working. Selected department key users defined work packages in Sprints and then tested them.”

Enhancements at a glance:

  1. Replacement of island solutions with a combined solution
  2. 3D visualization of the airport model (basis: Three.js) with intuitive navigation for touch and mouse navigation for availability calculations, forecasts and bookings including seamless connection to Dynamics NAV
  3. Integration of Contribution Margin Accounting
  4. Possibility of creating a wide range of reports
  5. Paperless Office through integrated approval rights
Media Frankfurt Boldt
Bendikt Boldt, Manager, Media Frankfurt GmbH

“If a customer rents our advertising space, thanks to anaptis, we can now book this directly in the airport’s 3D location map. We also save valuable time through analyses such as contribution margin accounting and a rental forecast.”


Rental on the basis of Dynamics NAV:

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